Thursday, 23 February 2017

leaping tall curriculum objectives in a single bound....

Every teacher has that moment in May (or June) when he or she realizes how many things he/she still has left to teach before the end of the year!

(Or so I hear.)

For me the Health curriculum section called "Life Learning Choices: Life Roles and Career Development," is always one of those things that gets left until last. If I'm honest, I have to say it's not my favourite subject. Grade One students often can't remember whether they've had lunch yet, and whether it's first or last recess. So starting a discussion about "career development" seems a little bit abstract.

Happily, the central thing the kids need to be able to say is: "I can recognize interests, strengths, and skills I have."

So... in order to leap tall curriculum objectives in a single bound, I decided to ask my kids who they would be if they were superheroes. What would their super powers be? And what are their real-life superpowers?

(This seemed like an easy way to get them to think about themselves and their skills.)

I had to laugh, though, when one of my kiddos (who doesn't particularly like to draw) drew two houses and an empty sky. (See above.) "Where are you in this picture?" I asked. "I'm right there," he said with all seriousness; pointing at a large blank area in the sky. "Where?" I questioned, skeptically. "Right there! I'm invisible! Invisibility is my super power!"

Bahahaha! Using his imaginary super powers to get out of real life work! Bonus points to that child!

Here are some of my other super heroes....

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