Tuesday, 21 November 2017

November 21, 2017.

Wendy Anne Stefansson passed away quietly this afternoon at home. She was truly a gentle soul who now lives with her fellow angels. As Wendy struggled to accept and come to peace with the prognosis of her illness, her artistic and generous soul was reflected in the poetry she wrote and shared, through which she invited friends and family into a meditation on life. At this time, we would like to share one particularly poignant poem from earlier year: 

I know what I am craving, now; and it’s emptiness. 
Maybe that’s what the finish line looks like in my head. 
No room for anything but everything. 
(Fewer words, longer silences.) 

A hollowness within, that merges with the hollowness around me. 
The hollowness of the universe. 

The thinning out of the self, 
becoming nothing more than a translucent and porous membrane. 
A bubble skin 
containing only space, 
where the space 
is the point. 

I am a smallness within the expansiveness that is God, 

standing alone in a massive stone cathedral, 
all Gregorian echoes 
and Vermeer light. 

I am losing myself in the work of non-being. 

The nothing that is Everything. 

- Wendy Stefansson 


Posted from Tom and Ariel Tarpey (Wendy's husband and daughter)

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